Types Of Shed For Private Property

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Sheds can come in wide range of sizes shapes, colours and can be made of the different materials. They can be used to store many things from fruits, vegetables, tools, to vehicles and even animals. You can also use them as a playhouse or garage. You can choose from steel, wooden, or aluminium sheds for keeping your gardening instruments, your animals, your saplings and little plants so that they do not get damaged due to heavy rain, sun or storm.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Sheds That You Can Buy?


Pent shed or reverse pent:  This type of a shed has a single sloping roof. Its highest roof point is on the same side as the door.  Whereas in a reverse pent shed is similar like pent shed but its highest point of roof is located on the reverse side of the door.

Potting Shed: It is an outdoor shed that is used to keep pots and vegetables. It is also used for storing garden tools and equipment. It has a large window which can be made of fiber, glass or plastic that allows the heat and light to pass through the shed. You can also use these sheds to grow plants and vegetables in winter season.

Metal Garden Shed: As the name suggests it is made using thin metal. This shed offers protection to the stored item from fire and termite. It is one of the most durable sheds. But if not taken care properly it can catch rust. If you live in heavy humidity or rainfall area, then this shed is not much of use. Galvanizing these sheds is a good idea to protect them from rust.

Plastic And Wooden Sheds Also Have Their Own Advantages:  

Plastic Garden Shed: These sheds are made using PUV, or polyethylene. They have many advantages such as durability, flexibility, light weight, resistant to all seasons and UV protection. You can add extension to these sheds and make them mobile. You can buy the spare varieties for these sheds and then assemble them to get the best benefits. At the same time, the right plastic sheds are also available in multiple colors, so that they match to the overall stylization of the exterior of your home.

Wooden Framed Garden Sheds: These are classic sheds that provide a vintage look to your beautiful garden. They look perfect amid the flower blooms and beautiful greenery of the garden. Moreover, It is not fire resistant and might swallow up in high humidity. You must be very careful with the kind of wood you choose. The selection of wood will depend upon the climate of your area.

Overlap Shed: It is a shed with overlapping timber boards. These sheds are considered as one of the most affordable sheds and they are the easiest to make. These overlapping sheds are perfect for rainy places as they let the rainwater flow easily and not let it collect on the top of the shed.

Corner sheds: As the names suggest these sheds are constructed at the corner of the space you may have in your garden or outdoor areas. They are great alternative to use the outdoor space and they can be made much more aesthetically to create a beautiful design.


These were some of the sheds that you can construct in your outdoor space.  These sheds are versatile and can serve for wide range of purposes.  But when selecting a shed you must ensure to not down all your needs and accordingly decide the one you want. The best idea would be to assemble sheds so that you get the finest returns for these.

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