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Lenovo is one of the largest smartphone, laptop and tablet manufacturing brands that has crafted a global empire with its quality products and impeccable customer service. In the Indian market, Lenovo tablets are undoubtedly one of the top sellers. Equipped with some top-notch features and specifications, these tablets are available at a reasonable price point. If you’ve been thinking about investing in a Lenovo tablet but are confused about how to pick one, we present you with a comprehensive guide to selecting your ideal Lenovo tab.

Design & Convenience of Use

Lenovo’s assortment of tablets has one thing in common – an ingenious design aesthetic that sets them a class apart from their competition. You can choose from the brand’s hand-held slate tablets designed to be your go-to partners when travelling or opt for impeccably designed ThinkPad tablets from the brand curated explicitly for business professionals. Convertible 2-in-1 tablets are great picks for those who want a versatile device that doubles up as a laptop when the need arises.

Our Pick: Lenovo Chromebook Duet


The display resolution and screen size are paramount when considering the best tablets. While you can choose from models with HD, FHD and UHD configurations, keep your budget and needs in mind when making this choice. The same is also applicable for the screen size of the device. Models like the Lenovo Tab M10 come with a 10.1-inch HD IPS LCD screen that’s well-equipped to provide users with an immersive entertainment experience at a cost-effective price point. On the other hand, if a higher-resolution is what you crave, opt for the Lenovo Tab M8’s FHD version that comes with a diminished screen size of 8-inches but features an optimized 1920 x 1200 pixels LCD. The brand also has a collection of QHD+ tablets in its ThinkPad range. Lenovo’s Yoga Tab is an excellent option to consider since it comes with a 10.1-inch FHD IPS display with a 10-point multi-touch feature. Try to opt for one that comes with eye protection technology that reduces the strain on your eyes.

Our Pick: Lenovo Yoga Tab

Hardware Components

The processing power of your tablet will depend on the kind of processor it uses. While expecting a performance as powerful as a high-end laptop model from your Lenovo tablet is irrational, you can surely hope to score some decent processors and graphic cards when sifting through these tablet models. MediaTek Helio processors offer the best speed and efficiency in tablets. Thus, opting for Lenovo tablets that run on such ace processors can be prudent for those who wish to use the device for gaming, entertainment, and work purposes. Moreover, opting for at least a 4GB DDR4 RAM model is essential as this ensures that you get to enjoy a glitch-free multitasking experience.

Our Pick: Lenovo Tablet 10


When it comes to storage, there are, again, quite a few options you can choose from. Models with eMMC storage may come with greater storage space, but this flash-based storage speed is not as top-notch as an SSD. While all Lenovo tablets come with eMMC storage, the space available on the device varies. Android tabs like Lenovo Tab M7 come with a negligible 16GB eMMC.
Such models will not suffice if you’re someone with extensive storage needs. Opting for a model with at least 64GB eMMC is important if you don’t want to invest in an external storage unit when using your tab. Alternatively, you can opt for a model that comes with expandable memory to help build on this baseline capacity.

Our Pick: Lenovo Tab M10

Operating System

When choosing a tablet, you must remain vigilant about the device’s OS. Keep in mind that each OS will come with its share of benefits and pitfalls. Review your own needs and requirements thoroughly before you select an operating system. Lenovo has an extensive collection of tablets that run on Android, Chrome and Windows OS. Android tablets from Lenovo are the best for web browsing, video streaming, moderate gaming, document editing, etc.
Lenovo tablets that come with the Chrome OS are best-suited for using the G-Suite extensively. These models are excellent choices for students as they allow instantaneous access to the various G-Suite apps needed in the web-based teaching-learning process. However, if you want an impressive business tablet, we suggest opting for a Windows Lenovo tablet that essentially acts as an extension of your laptop or desktop.
Best Android Tablet: Lenovo Yoga Tab
Best Windows Tablet: Lenovo Tablet 10
Best Chrome Tablet: Lenovo Chromebook Duet

Additional Features

Look for Lenovo tablets that come with a good battery backup to help cut down your downtime. Ones that offer 8 to 10 hours of uninterrupted usage are good options to consider. Similarly, review the connectivity options like Bluetooth, USB, keyboard etc., before purchasing a model. Checking the microphone and camera quality of a Lenovo tablet is equally essential before locking it in.
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