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    Variations in Diamond Engagement Rings

    Planning for your engagement would stay incomplete without selecting a proper diamond ring. It is the dream of every man and woman to flaunt their ring fingers filled with a stone full of love and passion. Hence, diamond engagement rings do play a vital role in every marriage. Besides being a sign of your commitment to your loved one, it is also a way of showing off your fashion statement to the world. If you do not know about engagement rings, their types, and specifications, then you should just try to understand the varieties first.

    Types of Diamond Engagement Rings available in the market

    You already understand now that there are a vast number of diamond engagement rings available in the market. But for choosing a particular one from the long list, you would need to know everyone on the list’s details, specifications, and features.

    Here is a list of diamond engagement rings category which you can consider:

    • Modern-day engagement rings: Such Modern-day women carry a high-profile attitude where they do not like to entertain unnecessary dramas. The modern-day engagement ring is mainly for this group of working women who prefer sophisticated engagement rings that can easily match their personalities and suit their dressing styles. These diamond engagement rings come in a wide array of options where you would find round diamonds, oval diamonds, etc. The oval-shaped ones with a halo of small diamonds surrounding them are the most common type of modern-day ring you would come across.
    • Art Deco types: The second and the most common type of diamond engagement ring is the Art Deco type. If your lady love prefers vintage over every other style, you can opt for these beautiful stone-studded Art Deco engagement rings. The central diamond was not the only stone included in the engagement rings; it used to have gemstones of varieties of colours like green, blue, or rubies’ red mischief shades, etc. Thus, if you wish to carry out vintage styles on your ring fingers, then the Art Deco engagement ring might be the right fit.
    • Vintage Edwardian styles: People have different tastes and they could prefer anything in between elegant vintage and minimal modern look. If you are a typical vintage lover, then the Edwardian diamond engagement rings are perfect. These engagement rings were famous among married ladies even before the Art Deco style emerged. The Edwardian engagement ring mainly comes with a big, round, oval-shaped diamond in the middle. The entire row on the platinum plate of the ring is studded with small, cute diamonds. Upon precise observation, you would also see the delicate designs marked on the platinum surface or sometimes even on the diamond stud setups.
    • Gemstone Engagement Rings: You might be thinking by now, what can the possible use of these engagement rings be without proper diamond setups. Well, these engagement rings were also in trend a few years back. These are still in direction to some extent. If you think that these rings do not deserve to be categorized as engagement rings without diamonds, you are in a misconception. No engagement rings become engagement rings without the slightest touch of diamonds. These rings are generally prettier than diamond engagement rings but also cheaper. The rings do have gemstones as their prime focus, but the sides of the ring’s shaft also contain diamonds.

    Apart from the above types of engagement rings, there are other types, like, minimalistic and alternative ones. However, a wide array of options for diamond rings are available in the market. It might get quite confusing for you to pick a suitable one among all. These engagement rings are natural beauties indeed.

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