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The person who repairs the gas or water pipes in any building in the bathroom, kitchen, etc., is called a plumber. Plumbers; who investigate or prevent leaks of information reference. The right plumber has certificates and years of practical experience with which they can unclog blocked drains, check and repair and do all kinds of heating and plumbing services.

To Bring water from extensive canals to cities through pipes and villages and then connect water pipes to everyone’s houses in the village. This is only attainable because of the hard work of plumbers.

Types of Plumbers

Let us know how many types of plumbers are there.

  • Normal without any specifications
  • Air conditioning and mechanical
  • Services plumbers
  • Drain Plumbers
  • Gasfitter
  • Roof plumbers
  • Plumbing Forman
  • Pipefitter & steamfitter

Plumber job & work

As mentioned above, plumbers’ job is to connect or repair any water or gas pipe to toilets, bathrooms, or kitchens. So, wherever a water pipeline or gas line is used, a plumber is always needed. You can earn income by getting work in these fields, both government and Private.

Some basics of plumbers

Here discussing types of plumbing systems used in buildings and types of pipes used for water supply in plumbing works: Mainly two types of plumbing systems in buildings:

  • First is direct water supply and other is
  • Indirect water supply system

Firstly, discuss indirect water supply system – this type of system is used in a developing country. The municipal supply pressure is low; this system consists of underground and overground tanks due to low water pressure. There are emergency plumbers and also those who work in specialized plumbing areas. You can contact specialized plumbers when you renovate your bathroom or when you go for new home construction. The degree and the experience of the plumber help in this direction.

Disadvantages of this system are

  • 1 in this system the upper floors will get water at less pressure lower and ground floor will get the water at high pressure causes the problem of working of showers & flush valves
  • 2 it requires extra pipes and tanks

How to become a plumber

First, you have to do a diploma in plumbing technician course. You can do this after class 10th. The span of the course is one year. And you will get this course in both private and government institutions. There is a lot of scope in a plumbing career.

The fee of this course

Now, how much does it cost to become skilled plumbers? As mentioned earlier, you can do this course from any ITI institute. ITI Plumber Fees Depends on their System in Private ITI Institutes. But its fees are significantly less in government institutions.

It also depends on the institutions that how are their infrastructure. It depends on the facilities and practical application. But, if talking about diploma courses, then whether it is a government institute or a private institute, it is done in both the places.

Other Specifications about Salary

The salary of any plumber depends on the nature of work, years of experience and in which country he works.

Anywhere you can open a shop in your city and do the work of a plumber. You can also render your service because plumbers are a necessity of every household. The salary of a plumber depends on his position and experience. Its pay can be from few thousand to lakes; it depends on your work experience.


It can be a great career, and it has a lot of scopes. And there is a lot of demand for plumbing, so it is considered an excellent course.

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