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    What Should You Know About 2 Bedroom Granny Flats?

     The essence of the cutting-edge family has changed a great amount lately. Our posterity is taking more time to fly home – or are returning so they can spare to purchase their own. In addition, they need to let loose money, with the capacity to bolt and leave when they head off for movement and experience. Sick or maturing guardians appreciate the well-being, security, and friends that accompany living with, or near, their family.

    Everything makes for additional weight on the family home as we attempt to press more individuals or 2 Bedroom Granny Flats inside our current four dividers. So simply think for 2 Bedroom Granny Flats about all the conceivable outcomes that accompany having a second home on your square.

    Worked behind, before, or to the side of your current property, a 2 Bedroom Granny level is a financially savvy approach to building your living and room space. From free living for the grandparents or those ‘boomerang’ kids who demand to return, to home workplaces and studio-style spaces for long-haul guests from abroad, a 2 Bedroom Granny level could be only the arrangement you need.

    You would have seen the market flooded with a number of 2 bedroom granny flat designs. Isn’t it great to have space that you can utilize for different purposes? Whether it is about coordinating your guests or elderly people or just having a leisure room where you can spend some time with yourself, a granny flat is a great idea. There are different designs and styles of the same.

    Some of the common granny flat designs are 1 bedroom granny flats, 2 bedroom granny flats, and 3 bedroom granny flats. Based on your budget and requirement, you can choose the right kind of design. You can use additional space on your premises and convert it into a great living space.

    Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Go For 2 Bedroom Granny Flats:

    Bedroom Granny Flats

    Well, if you are still wondering whether you should go for 2 bedroom granny flats or not, then the following is going to help you in making the right decision:

    • Smaller block size- If you are planning to have 2 bedroom granny flat, then you don’t need a huge block of land. Even in a smaller area, you can start the construction. The smallest size starts from 450 square meters area. So, you see that it is not that big of an investment. You can customize the shower stalls, cabinetry, and closets as per the trendy modes of customization.
    • No problem with subdivision- You don’t really have to get worried about subdividing your land. Yes, this is one of the greatest advantages of having granny flats. Whether you are planning to build 1 bedroom granny flats or 2 bedroom granny flats, you don’t really have to subdivide your land and start construction within the same premises.
    • Optimal utilization of space- One of the advantages of a 2 bedroom granny flat is that it is the best way to use the available space. You can get as creative as you want when it comes to the construction of granny flats. Besides, it will also help in enhancing the value of your property. The bedroom, bathroom, garage, and storerooms-all cannot be built at the same time in a single-room granny flat, but you will not have any dearth of space with 2 bedroom flats.
    • Get additional income- Who doesn’t want extra money flowing in, and when you can get money from your premises, then it is going to be a greater advantage. You can rent out the granny flat and get rental value. Such flats are popular amongst students, families, and professionals who are looking for a good and affordable rental space.

    The Layout Of 2 Bedroom Granny Flats:

    Bedroom Granny Flats

    There are various designs and patterns of granny flats. The 2 bedroom granny flats are very popular; they offer a lot of flexibility in terms of style and design.

    L-shape – 2 bedroom granny flats include L-shape design; in this deigns two-bedroom lie next to each other, and it opens into an open area, and the kitchen is a dominant space in such style. Get the basic map and design of the granny flats in the right artistic mode to enhance the overall appeal.

    Symmetrical – In this type of 2 bedroom granny flat, the bedroom is on either side of the bathroom, which helps the occupant for an easy transition into the front of the flat.

    In some of the 2 bedroom granny flatyou will find large porches and outdoor sitting area; this not only enhances the look of the house but also increases the property value.

    Now that you know about the different styles and designs of 2 bedroom granny flats, you must connect with a professional granny flat contractor for construction.

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