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    Why Are Double Wall Glass Coffee Mugs Growing Popular for Gifts?

    Almost everyone loves a searing hot or a soothing cold mug of coffee in the morning. Caffeine is vital for some people to kick-start their day and relieve the morning grumpiness. However, sometimes amid complex work schedules, you may forget to drink your coffee on time. This may ruin both cold and hot coffee experiences.

    The Double Wall Glass Coffee Mugs Are Here To Resolve That Problem.

    What Are Double Wall Coffee Mugs?

    These mugs are transparent and can fit any type of coffee- espresso, cappuccino, latte, or even iced tea. They are comparatively thicker than ordinary coffee mugs or cups. Moreover, these mugs do not let you burn your fingers as you do with ceramic mugs. This happens as the heat of your coffee does not transfer to the outside of the cup or its handle.

    How Is A Double Wall Coffee Mug Made?

    The double-walled coffee mugs are made using high-quality Borosilicate glass. These glasses are simply two glasses placed one above one. The air between both is sucked out during the manufacture of these glasses, leaving a vacuum space between the glasses. The vacuum is responsible for insulating beverages in the mug. Hence, the temperature of the drink remains the same for a long time, be it hot or cold.

    Benefits Of Using Double Walled Mugs For Your Coffee

    The concept behind the double-walled glasses, however, is not so modern. Insulating drinks keep them hot or cold for a long time. This is pretty much the same theory applied in the case of a thermos. So you could say double wall glass coffee mugs are thermoses simplified. Here are some benefits of these mugs.

    Extremely Durable Mugs

    Borosilicate glass has superior resistance to high temperatures. Hence, you don’t have to worry about them breaking with high temperatures. You can even heat these mugs in the microwave. Moreover, double-wall mugs can withstand scratches and everyday friction quite well.

    Recyclable Mugs

    Another advantage of using these mugs is that they are environment friendly as Borosilicate can be recycled several times. Conversely, ordinary ceramic coffee mugs cannot be recycled. Hence, people are switching to this highly useful ‘green’ coffee mug.

    Resistance To Heat And Cold

    The double wall glass coffee mugs are exceptional in temperature resistance. They can hold beverages of any temperature ranging from -20°C to around 150°C. These mugs are very sturdy and do not break that easily. Ceramic, glass, or steel mugs transmit the heat of the beverage to the exterior or, sometimes, the handle of the mug. However, there is no such issue with the double wall glass coffee mugs. They do not transmit the heat to the handle or the outer layer; hence you can never hurt your fingers by touching the outer surface. So it becomes easier to drink your hot coffee in them.

    Safe For Use

    These double wall mugs are highly safe to use. The superior quality of the glass fulfils all food safety standards. Moreover, you can even wash these mugs in the dishwasher every day. You can consume any type of drink in it, hot, cold, sweet or savory since it does not retain any aftertaste or odor.

    Why Are People Switching To Double Wall Glass Coffee Mugs?

    The double-wall coffee mugs offer a lot more benefits compared to regular ceramic mugs. They are highly environment-friendly, maintain the temperature of the beverage and are very durable. Hence, people are opting for these chic-looking double wall mugs for their everyday usage. They are also not too expensive and make for a great gift.


    The double wall glass coffee mugs are growing popular globally for their eco-friendliness and elegant shape. Moreover, their low maintenance and high utility are attracting people all over the world. It is also true that drinking your morning in a double wall mug offers a better drinking experience.

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