Wooden Pallets have 7 Major Facts You Should Know

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Wooden Pallets

The plain wooden pallets may not be attractive, but they can be referred as the world economy’s backbone. This small object, a modest platform made of basic materials, transports huge bulks of food and other manufactured commodities. Pallets are horizontal platforms that are usually attached to a superstructure. A bottom deck makes it possible to move commercial items safely by providing support for pallet jacks, forklifts, front loaders and other jacking devices.

Pallets make storage and handling of various commodities more efficient by providing a foundation for assembling, storing, and transporting. When repurposed, they can be put to a variety of innovative usage. Wooden Pallets provide a wonderful balance of weight, stiffness, durability, and cost.

Let’s have a look at some fun facts about Wooden Pallets:

  1. Price: Pallets made from wood are significantly less expensive as compared to other pallet types like metal because the raw material is so inexpensive the final product is significantly less expensive. As a result, they are thought to be the best option for shippers searching for low-cost pallets. Because they can be reused multiple times, wooden pallets have become a popular choice among many shippers.
  2. They can be repurposed as furniture: Pallets can be easily found second-hand online or at building supply stores, frequently for exceptionally low costs or even for free. If you are into DIY, wooden pallets be transformed into beautiful furniture for your home in a variety of ways. Pallets are versatile in terms of aesthetics; leave the wood exposed for a rustic feel, or sand it down and paint it for a sleeker, polished look.
  3. Eco-friendly: Wood, unlike plastic or metal, is biodegradable, and the recycling rate for wooden pallets is far greater than for paper or plastic. Pallet manufacture, contrary to popular assumption, does not contribute to deforestation because the wood used to make wooden pallets is the left-over wood after the construction work is completed or the furniture has been manufactured.
  4. Toughness and long-term durability: Although these pallets are far less expensive than the alternatives, their general quality, durability, and strength are unaffected because it comes from good quality left over woods. Wooden pallets offer incredible strength and can easily support heavier and bulkier goods. Shippers use hardwood pallets as containers because of their strength and longevity, especially for large consignments.
  5. Bacterial attacks are a risk: Bacterial growth can be found in wood. As a result, wooden pallets are not the ideal option for transporting food. Bacterial varieties such as salmonella can grow in wood and pose a health risk.
  6. Pallets made of wood can be chiseled into fuel: Wood chip fuel can be made from any wooden packaging waste that cannot be utilized to create refurbished pallets. This is the cheapest form of thermal energy and it is a sustainable and renewable source of heat or power.
  7. Supply Chain: Wooden pallets serve an important function in the supply chain, in enhancing the safety and reducing the loading time. Because of the pallet’s simple design, different products can be moved in bulk, minimizing loading, and unloading time.


One of the most notable advantages of wooden pallets is that they have a high level of grip on practically all surfaces. This friction allows these pallets to stay in place throughout transportation without slipping with the products. If you are thinking of utilizing wooden pallets, you are helping to stimulate the economy by using these pallets. Pallet lumber is a by-product of the pallet manufacturing process. Pallet makers increase the value of a tree by repurposing timber from other industries, primarily southern yellow pine, and oak, such as veneer production, grade lumber, furniture, and paper.

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