7 things to consider before purchasing Security doors

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Security doors
Security doors

Your home is the safe haven for your family, which means it also needs maximum security from the outside world. Most people look at doors as a form of decor to the house which is fine, but it should also be viewed as the key aspect of home security as well. Although most people use surveillance cameras and alarm systems to protect their house from intrusion nowadays, security doors also play a crucial part in the safety of your home.

List of factors you should look into before purchasing a Security Door.

Get your budget right

Your home security is an important matter, so while purchasing a security door you have to be generous enough as it is a one-time investment. Steel, wood and aluminum all are used to make the right ingredient for your security gates, but you can also customize them and use in case you want a composite package with the right materials.

Consider the material

It is best preferred to look at the doors that determine the strength and durability rather than buying the ones that provides only visual appeal. Some of the materials available can be wooden, steel, aluminium, vinyl, and fiberglass doors. Although steel and aluminium is the first priority, its better to check out all the features of the different doors and whether or not it fits your requirements. Aluminum is non-corrosive and it does not rot or warp. So it can be a good investment for your domestic or commercial door.

Choose the right finish

The right finish on security doors is crucial as it is the primary defense mechanism against extreme weather conditions. Also make sure that the hinges and fixtures are also coated as one might genuinely miss them or out of negligence.

Company background

Make it a point to do an extensive research on the company that you are going to purchase the security door from. The reviews of past customers will also be helpful in getting an idea about the reputation of the company and their services. It is necessary to collect as much details of the company as possible before handing out the cash and regretting later.

Ask for warranty

Security doors are legitimate property investment, so a warranty is obligatory. Ensure that the company offers warranty that covers some of the important details like: burglary, distortion of the bolts or hinges, replacements of any parts if required, longevity.

Examine the locks and hinges

Locks and handles are an important part of security doors, so it is essential to check that they work perfectly and secure the lock. It is recommended to go for mortise locks in which the lock body is situated inside the framework of the door or in a lock box which provides an added measure to your security. Hinges should also be quality based and needs to be placed correctly. Hinges, rails and the channels for the security doors should be lubricated after regular intervals.

Easy to access

Make it certain that in case of emergencies like fire or earthquake, you can easily open the door. If there are any emergency features you have installed in it, make sure that all the family members know how to use it. Also give them the keys that provide everyone the quick accessibility to come out of the house.

Give it a thought before zeroing in on the security door that you want and whether it matches the above mentioned criteria. It should not only provide the safety to your house, but also enhances the beauty of your home.

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