Differences Between An Electrician And An Electrical Contractor

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A specialized person who can work with the construction in a building related to the electrical systems is called electrical contractors. They take up the works of maintenance, repairing, designing, and installation. Some laymen tend to get confused between the work of an electrician and an electrical contractor. There is a whole lot of difference between both of them. On the one hand, the electrical contractor holds a company or individually employs electricians. An electrician is an employee who may work under these companies. Both the individual and the company need to have a license and proper insurance to operate systematically in the economy. Insurance is mandatory to safeguard the business owners, the employees and also the owners of the house. Each state has different policies and requirements.

The electrical contractors do not work physically with the electrical systems. They usually hire tradesmen or electricians working under them who are given the quotes for a particular building or residents. These contractors are the ones who are responsible for the effectively and safely functioning of the systems. These systems should be environmental friendly in nature so that it does not harm the nature around us. The safety requirements that are maintained and looked after by the electrical contractors are a very tough job. Their work is not that easy. They may be specialized in some of the other fields which broadly come under electrical systems.

It involves a lot of steps as follows for electrician contractor:

  • When a contractor is hired and given a project, he is responsible for providing the structural design of the construction, this could include the plan and the entire design.
  • After the approval of the design within the stipulated budget, the electrical contractors are scheduled the period for starting and finishing the project.
  • All the permits are to be given to not cause any disturbance while the work is on.
  • To improvise on the project, these professionals could also use some high-technological software.
  • One essential point to remember is that the delivery of the project should follow the integrated method. This method involves a little more hard work in the initial stage of the construction. Still, benefit would be that it would reduce the chances of rework or issues regarding the building interrupting the entire construction process.

On one side, it is seen that the electrical contractors mean the entire business of construction, but without the presence of electricians, it is worth nothing, just like a tree living without water. The electrician is a licensed trainer who performs all the works related to electricity. It could be either installing new equipment or repairing the damaged devices or even replacing the old ones. If an electrician wants, he can even work individually without anyone’s help and support, but this is impossible with a contractor.


In general, there is a clear point of differentiation between these two professionals. An electrician is different from electrical contractors; an electrician specializes in offering services related to any electricity issues; but an electrical contractor employ electricians for various electric issue-related work.

Coming to the end of this discussion, we can conclude that we can now differentiate an electrician from an electrical contractor. They may have similar roles in providing wiring and other electrical components or offering electrical repair services.

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