It Is Required To Use Perfect Way of Installing Heated Towel Ladders

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Before you put the hand in your pocket for drying it, try to buy heated towel ladders as this is a must-buy product that you should have in your house or office but you can find lots of designs in the market and all those feature something different so you have to know the exact difference in between all those towel rails. Many people think that the place of picturing the towel ladder is the bathroom, but you may know that the usage is not limited as you can use it at many places where you think it is required to use a towel. When you decide to install the Towel ladder then you should consider three main ways of powering it.

Ways Of Powering Heated Towels

The three main ways of powering heated towel ladders are:


  • Central Heating Towel Ladder- this is the most trending and useful method of plumbing towel ladder as you can simply plumb it at the existing place of central heating system with the help of new or existing radiator valves. This is the most common way that many people use to keep the towel dry and warm. This will work the same as a conventional radiator.
  • Electric Heating Towel Ladder- this is the best way for the place like high buildings and flats as it requires pressure that is very difficult to achieve and if you want to use it at a place where minimal gas present then this is the best way that will help you in getting the desired result. These are very easy to set and installed as these are very cost-effective ways of using the heating towel ladder.
  • Dual Fuel Towel Ladder- this is one of the most popular ways for plumbing heated towel ladders. By isolating the appliance, it works, and you must use T-Piece fitting so that it will be installed independently. If you are having plumbed and electric heating at your place, then you can warm towels for many years.

Where To Install A Heated Towel Ladder?


If you want to install heated towel ladders at your place, then you must know where it is possible to use it-

  • Use it in your bathroom it that has the shape of ensuite or cloakroom
  • If that place has enough dimensions, then you can use it
  • On existing pipework
  • On the pipe or door and existing fittings in the bathroom

Before choosing the right place for installation of heated towel ladders you must take some time and then consider which place is perfect as per your requirement. If you want to enhance the look of your heating towel ladder, then you can paint behind the area rail of the towel so that it looks perfect. If you don’t have enough time to consider which place is perfect, then try to take the help of installing a guide.

Is It Possible To Heat The Bathroom By Using A Heated Towel Ladder?

 There is not any exact answer to this question as it depends upon many factors. If your bathroom is not that big then it can warm that place but if you have an area of ventilation, then there is less possibility of heating. The bathroom is the place that usually humid and warm and this is the first place where you visit every morning. If you want don’t want to feel cold, then try to use it in your bathroom to keep towel dry and make that place warmer than before.

Hence you can use heated towel ladders but remember to make enough space for installation .

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