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Mercedes Benz is the pioneer in top end car manufacturing around the world. Mercedes Benz is a German manufacturer and is a part of a big German corporate giant. This is a top notch brand and is used in the manufacturing of automobiles and buses, coaches and trucks. They are mainly based in Germany; however, they have automobile divisions all around the world.

Mercedes is mainly into the following:


  • Moto sport – Mercedes is the top supplier of top end race cars for the formula one series and has been instrumental in many of the wins that have taken place in Grand Prix race over the years.
  • Road Car Manufacture and Production – In a specific venture with an established corporate giant, Mercedes got into road production with regards to cars. This was also considered to be a huge joint venture which would see Mercedes gets back into backing the formula one races.
  • Smart Car production
  • High end automobile production

Types of Service offered by Mercedes

  • The Pioneer in world class car production has a top end service center too. This is the first port of call for all the service requirements for its premier automobiles. The brand has service centers based all over the world and services extend to all the parts of the vehicles.
  • The service centers have experts who take a look at your car and ascertain what is required in the first place. There are archives stored in the database that gives each detail imperative for the servicing of your car or automobile, as the case maybe. These are a valuable source of resource that is drawn on by Mercedes dealers and service centers for competent advice and also for the supply and reproduction of parts. These are also referred to for exhibits in the museum.
  • Parts Quality – When it comes to reproduction of authentic parts or changing the parts and servicing the existing models, Mercedes car service is top notch. The expertise in this field is passed on from generation to generation and the information bridge available is priceless. There are technical drawings for all the available models. Hence, there is value retained as far as the parts are concerned.
  • In an event of a part which has depreciated and needs replacement, Mercedes service centers look into the same and it is a genuine replacement that makes the car look good

Tips on availing Mercedes Services

Mercedes Services are unique and do not compromise on their standards in any situation. You can go to any service center or book an appointment online. There are official websites dedicated for this purpose. All that you need to do is login with your car details and your area and get an appointment in a jiffy.

The flexible options give you ample flexibility on how to go about getting servicing done on your vehicle. There are options like Drop n Go, Lounge Service and Drive and Collect.

  • Drop n Go – This kind of a service offered by Mercedes gives you the option of leaving your vehicle at the authorized dealer and you have the choice to leave the keys so that you can collect it on your way back. This service allows minimum fuss and maximum convenience.
  • Lounge Service- Fixed Appointment timings, dedicated service manager and two options divided into a comfort zone, and kids zone, and business zone for you to choose from.
  • Drive and Collect – Drive option is when Mercedes gives you a car as a loan for the period that your car has gone for servicing. Collect is the option where the car is collected from your place of work or residence and it’s returned after the requisite servicing is over.

There are some services where you can book and get an appointment and also avail some discounts on the services present, in case you opt for a pre-payment mode. For more details about your Mercedes service contact with us here today.

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