Should you consider getting Truck Bull Bars?

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The truck bull bars are essentially grille guards made of metal that protects the front portion of your truck. Your front head lamps, radiator and most importantly the engine are parts that suffer the most when a collision occurs. These bars also act as shock absorbents hence not only do you stay safe but your truck can be spared from a hefty repair. But the installation of these  bars often comes under serious debate for some see them as a necessary investment, while others feel these bars are dangerous.

Drivers often stress about the front parts of their cars, and rightfully so, given the immense amount traffic and cars which makes the chances of head on collision higher. There are other factors which can cause accidents, like faulty brakes or jammed steering wheel. All these instances causes heavy destruction of the car front and you may suffer an injury given the functioning of the air bags. The unpredictability of journeys makes installing proper body armor a necessity. Rather than you suiting up like a medieval knight, armor up your car better. Installing truck bull bar can be a way to prevent damage to your car.

Reasons to invest in Truck Bull Bars

These truck bull bar have been designed for a reason and having been around for a certain amount of time, might make you wonder that they do have certain advantages. And, given that you do get these in different materials, even polyurethane, you can rest assured that intentional maiming is not on the cards of the truck bull bar manufacturers. Let’s have a look:

  • Collisions – If you live in areas where the road sees frequent furry travelers then opting for truck bull bar will be beneficial for you and your car. When you hit a huge animal, you end up damaging your car very badly, not to mention maim the animal. With bull bars you reduce the risks greatly and prevent any damages from collision.
  • Mounting gears – If you need to add a winch to your car, or are into sand driving then truck bull bars are ideal option for you to be the mounting point for gears. The bar provides a strong and reliable base for the mount to be secured to.
  • Protection – If you are out for a rough ride, then chances of you going off the trail and hitting something is very real. Having truck bull bar will provide you and your car the required safety. The crumble zones of the front end will not only be saved from taking a direct hit, but you will also not get in an accident. These bars also come in handy if you are someone who travels mostly at night.
  • Improved angling – Having a better approach angle often aids in preventing unwanted contact with the sides and the terrain you are driving on. The truck bull bar helps in providing a better angle for you to drive safely.


Reasons not to invest in Truck bull bars

As mentioned above, with advantages come certain disadvantages and the same holds true for a truck bull bar as well. The biggest of the cons of these bars are that they add a great deal of weight to the car. You can easily imagine additional 30 kgs of gear at the front end. One other thing that negates the benefits of the truck bull bars are the hindrance to advanced sensors which improve your driving. True, you can opt for the modernized version of the bar but then you need to be ready to shell out more money which will protect the front of your vehicle.

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