Things That Everyone Should Know About Plumbing

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Hiring plumbing professionals is a very important decision and should not be taken lightly. But there are certain tips that one should consider before hiring a plumber. They are as follows:

  • Licensure – There are certain states that require licensing for plumbing professionals. But if any state does not require it then also it is necessary to check if there is any formal complaint filed against your selected plumbing service providers.
  • Insurance – A plumbing service provider must have insurance, which will give protection to you as well as the plumber in case of any mishap or injury.
  • Span of time in business – It is better to know from when is the plumbing service provider has been associated with this business as the years of experience vouch for their work and quality service.
  • Pricing – A plumbing service provider knows his work requirements and will give the precise work estimate, but it is always better to get at least two to three estimates so that you can be aware of the price prevailing in the market. It may at times happen that the plumbing service provider will use substandard parts to cut the expenses and benefit from the gap.
  • Warranty – Every plumber must guarantee must their work as well as the parts used. If any plumbing service provider is refusing to do so then you should opt him out.

When Should One Call A Plumbing Service Provider?

During the time of plumbing emergency, you should call a plumbing service provider, like:

  • Suffering from low water pressure – This problem can be caused due to several reasons, such as blockage in the water lines, poor design of the supply line, or low water pressure from the well or city supply etc. A good plumbing professional knows how to find out the problem.
  • Hot water problem – No hot water means the hot water tank must have leakage issues or some other hidden problems. It may happen that the tank is electric and had a bad heating element or has a defective thermostat or a bad overloaded switch etc.
  • Stoppage in the sewer line – After trying all the tricks to get the sewer line function in a proper manner, if it fails then you must have a bad clog in the line that jams of the main drain. In this type of situation, a plumber should be contacted to fix the problem.
  • Frozen pipe – In case of a frozen pipe, the main water shut off valve must be stopped and a nearby faucet must be opened before trying to melt the pipe. The pipe must be checked cautiously to find out whether it has cracked or burst. If it is a bad news then a plumber must be called immediately.


Some Plumbing Tricks That Every House Owner Must Know

  • Know the location of the main valves – It is very important to know the location of the main valves of the house you are staying in. If it is required to turn off the water supply in the time of any emergencies then you can do before the plumber arrives. It is also important to know the location of the main drain line and the entrance of the sewer line so that you can do your regular clean outs easily.
  • Know which things to flush and which things not to flush – It is not a good decision to flush anything in the toilet other than toilet paper because it may cause serious blockage issues.
  • Dumping garbage in the drain must be avoided – Dumping items like coffee grounds, food debris, and vegetable sheds, etc. down the drainage must be avoided as they can clog the drain.
  • Puncturing pipes must be avoided – Before drilling a hole or pounding a nail through the wall, floor, or ceiling it is important to find out whether there is any supply line or drainage pipe behind that place.

With above details and the service from a plumber, you can easily tackle the basic problems of plumbing by yourself.

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