What Are The Benefits Of Regular Eye Test?

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eye test

People think that undergoing an eye test can only examine vision related problems. Regular eye checkups have greater significance than that. The most common way the eye doctor tests you is to ask you to read letters written on a distant wall. The size of these letters gets smaller in each line. This basic test helps them detect whether there is any vision problems or not. Let us explore some more advantages of regular eye tests.

Benefits Of Eye Tests

Eye Test

  • Detect blurriness of vision: Blurred vision can be detected in kids as well as in adults through eye tests. Children often are unable to tell clearly about the blurred vision they are experiencing. However, adults can detect it if they find it challenging to see far sighted things. An annual eye test can help detect blurriness in vision effectively. If this kind of a vision problem is not attended during their developing phase, then the results can be disastrous. For children who play a lot of time under the UV rays of the sun in school can often be diagnosed with blurred vision. The sooner this is detected the better is the treatment outcome.
  • Detect any potential health issues: Eye test acts as a basic overview of the tissues in the eye. The eye is also an area which gives the doctor a clear view about the connected nerves and blood vessels as well. It communicates with the other parts of the human body in a unique manner. Eye tests can help detect cancer or strokes earlier.
  • Detect severe issues like Myopia: Most of the children these days suffer from myopia or nearsightedness. In future this can develop to some serious problems such as cataracts, glaucoma and retinal detachment of eye infections. In this case, scheduling an annual eye test for your children is the best way to find out any potential risks of severe myopia. Timely and proper medication to your children can reduce the risk of your children going blind in future times.
  • Detect the reason for regular headaches: The first or early sign of your eyes getting power is a regular headache. Going for an eye check up with help sort this out easily and give you immediate reief by suggesting you eyeglasses or contact lenses.
  • Hereditary eye conditions: Sometimes if you have a family history of eye diseases there are chances that you will develop them. An annual eye test will give you the assurance and detect any early onset of disease.
  • Comprehensive eye test for children: The frequency of eye examination for children is more than for adults. So following are the suggested eye test frequencies.
    a) Once when someone is 6 months old.
    b) Next eye test when one is 3 years old.
    c) In between age 5 and 6.
    d) In between aged 18 to 60 (Once in every two years).
    e) Aged 61 and above (Annually)

Eye Test

There are no shortcuts or home remedies to solve vision related problems. Cleaning your eyes regularly is a recommended step doctors ask patents to do to ensure that the eyes are never dry. Health conditions like high blood pressure, family hereditary diseases, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular ailments and high cholesterol can create long lasting damage to your eyes. You can inquire about the type of eye test centers that are available online or offline, and book your slot accordingly. There are many eye conditions which you can expect to be completely cured if detection is made at an early stage. No eye related issues must be hence ignored. Eye care is perhaps the top most health care one should gift their family.

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