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    Interesting Ways Of Using Concrete Planter Boxes In Your Dining Room 

    The dining room has always been a space that is less decorated. The fact is that many of the home owners feel it is unnecessary to decorate this space. However, when it comes to enjoying meals with your family, the dining room becomes a place for making memories. So, it is essential that you brighten it and make it lively so that it creates a great ambiance for your family time. Decorating dining rooms with the finest tables and chairs is just not enough so, you need to make it more quirky with lights and accents to lift up the environment and give it natural look by using the concrete planter boxes. A light fixture and an interesting accent can change the complete look and feel of the environment.

    Ideas On How You Can Design Your Dining Room With Lights, Accents, And Centerpieces.

    A Centerpiece

    Chandeliers help in distributing light evenly on people sitting around the dining table and eliminate dark unappealing spots. Hence,it is essential to choose the suitable furniture and decorative accessories. For example,  if you have a rectangular dining table, then you should choose a rectangular light fixture. Thus, adding a quirky concrete planter box will change the entire look. If you are having a rounds dining table then you can choose dome-like lights as it echoes the shape of the table. Therefore, it is essential to hire a professional interior designer to advice you with better suggestion on how to use the concrete planter boxes in a more effective manner.

    Using Dimmers 

    It is a nice decision to use dimmers in the interiors of your dining room. Dimmer changes the overall look of the environment. At times of partying or occasions like thanksgiving, you need brighter lights but if you are in the mood for a romantic dinner dimmer are the best. The best feature of a dimmer to allow you to control the light scattering inside the room. Hence, adding a touch of greenery by installing concrete planter boxes will definitely give an elegant look to the interiors of the room.

    Using Pendants

    You should also install funky pendant lights and concrete planter boxes that will help you create a retro feel inside your dining area. Hence, choose colorful industrial type of bulbs that will uplift the total atmosphere giving it a pub-like feel while host parties. 

    Layering light

    You should also use a layer of lights if you want to spruce up the look of lighting of your dining space. Adding layers of light vertically from ceiling to floor and horizontally on the walls between rooms will give you a nice blend of lights and beauty of the interior styling. With the right combination of colors from wall lights to ceiling, you can create the perfect layered lighting for your dining space.

    Concrete Planter Boxes

    Adding Accent lighting 

    Accent lighting creates a glow and cozy feel to space and gives a comfort and soothes your feelings. With the help of wall scones, you can add these lighting in some small and cute concrete planter boxes and hang them inside the room. 

    Use Spotlights To Empower Its Existence

    You can use beautiful garden flower planters and kitchen herbs and place it with a colorful spotlight. This will not only keep the soil and water away from the room but also give your room that extra greenery touch with a feeling of fresh oxygen indie your room.

    Hence, the concrete planter boxes can go with any idea and can design any part of your house.

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