Top Tips In Choosing A Motivational Speaker For Your Company

We’re well aware that motivation is an important aspect that many people really try hard to maintain at all times. It is required to complete the task successfully, but sometimes, the workforce of an organization starts losing interest or motivation in their jobs. When this happens, the company may need to invite a motivational speaker at one of their events.

Losing Motivation

Employees may lose their motivation level for various reasons. At this point, the company may experience a huge decline in its business affairs. The bosses will try every possible way to put their employees back on the right track. While some will succeed, some will not prevail over this trial. When your company is under such situation, you may want to seek help from a third party to bring back the motivation level of your employees.


Role of Motivational Speakers

Motivational speakers are not ordinary speakers. They have years of experience and they know exactly what to do to restore the motivation level in the hearts and minds of employees. They function not just as a motivator, but also as an advisor, manager, teacher, colleague, friend, and many more. They make sure that everyone will have their spirits up.

Motivational Speaker

This kind of speaker aims to help a company increase its production, improve efficiency, or help it get over a setback. While it is tempting to choose a popular celebrity or one of your heroes, they cannot automatically give your company the competitive edge it needs.

Well, to guide you further, we’ve listed these tips on how to choose the right motivational speaker:
  1. Motivational speakers are different from public speakers. A public speaker may be a sports star or a celebrity who tells their stories to an audience. Motivational speakers work to make the company better, not to promote themselves. Watch how the speakers you are interested in perform. Observe the way they reference the company, engage their audience, and the way they relate the employees to their own experience and skills.
  2. You do not need a speaker who speaks too much about themselves because they may not be the right kind to inspire your employees to be more competent.
  3. You need a speaker who does not mind learning all about your company, line of business, goals, and even your competitors. This way, they would know the appropriate things they would include in their speech to motivate the employees.
  4. Your company most likely needs a powerful and influential message to inspire your employees perform better and help the company recover from an obstacle. A motivational speaker uses motivational phrases and memorable quotes in their speech. These things stay in the minds of people and can be effective for a long time.
  5. The speaker you choose should be someone who is genuinely interested in your company and its needs. Through this, they can write a speech that is unique to your company, instead of a one-size-fits-all presentation that may not be suitable for the audience.
  6. It may be hard to relate to someone who is truly an expert in their field. Of course, this may depend whether or not your company and the speaker belong to the same industry. However, even when they were able to invent a groundbreaking product or improve a failing bank, think of how they are relevant to your employees and your company.
  7. If people have not heard about a certain motivational speaker, it does not mean they are not worthy of any attention; and just because someone is a celebrity, it does not necessarily mean you have to listen to them. You have to determine the kind of speaker that would be most suitable for your company.
  8. The speaker should also know who their audience will be. An audience with factory production line workers would have different expectations and concerns from an audience that consists of directors or managers. A speech will be more effective if the content and approach are tailored to the audience.
  9. The speaker must also follow up on the event. By doing this, the company and the speaker can see how things have improved, and if the goals have been achieved. This is how you will be able to determine if the event has been successful.

When you are searching for a motivational speaker to keep employees inspired and enthusiastic or to help improve their productivity, then you need to make sure that you do a proper research first. With the tips we’ve given you, it’s guaranteed that you’ll land the right kind of speaker to motivate your company.

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A motivational speaker is a trained individual who has the ability to inspire, empower, encourage and steer people towards achieving certain goals. To get more knowledge about inspirational motivational speaker visit here



Callaway Golf Company Background

Callaway Golf is now one of the biggest names in the sport of Golf. The company was able to keep its name on top of the list amidst many challenges and difficulties that any business go through. Just last year (2013), the company announced losing millions of dollars in revenue, but with hard work, excellent marketing strategies and revolutionary technology applied to their products, it was able to show immediate and successful resurgence early this year (2014). It’s one company that’s not easily shaken because it was able to build a solid worldwide customer base which strongly believes in its top caliber products.

The company also has a strong foundation as reflected in its history –

Callaway- GolfCallaway Golf has emerged in 1982, when half of the shares of Hickory Sticks USA were bought by Ely Reeves Callaway Jr. Hickory Sticks USA was a maker of golf clubs made of hickory shafts with steel core. In that same year the company name was changed to Callaway Hickory Sticks USA. Soon after that, the company was relocated to Carlsbad, California when Callaway became its company president in 1983. The company was eventually fully bought by Callaway the following year. In 1986, it made a breakthrough by introducing computer-controlled golf club manufacturing machines, and this was when the original Big Bertha 190cc steel club head was developed. The company name was finally changed to Callaway Golf Company in 1988.


The company has enjoyed continued success and became more popular with the creation of its Big Bertha golf club line. Big Bertha was even named as the number one driver on the USPGA Tour in 1994. Rising to the top, the company started to diversify and created its golf ball division in 1996. It also started to market products under Odyssey putter brand when Odyssey Sports was acquired in 1997. From the original 190cc, the Big Bertha Titanium 290cc was developed and introduced in the market in that same year.

Ely Callaway retired as president and CEO of the golf company in 2001 and passed away due to pancreatic cancer later that same year. He left a well-established company that continued to grow stronger and bigger. In 2002 it launched the Callaway Forged Wedges and Golf Balls. The Wedges were made of carbon steel and was designed with a modified U groove club face. It also took three years for the company to develop the state of the art new golf balls. Company products like the cutting-edge Big Bertha golf drivers, forged wedge clubs, golf balls, Odyssey hot putters, had high demands in the market. In 2003, it also acquired other golf brands like Top-Flute, Strata, and Ben Hogan. The Big Bertha Titanium 454 Driver was introduced in 2004 and was named the World’s Longest Driver.

Callaway GolfAt present, Callaway Golf remains one of the biggest names and most trusted brands in golf equipment. It is now a famous American global sporting goods company that markets its products in over 70 countries and is named as the world’s largest golf club maker. Aside from golf clubs and golf balls, it also now designs, manufactures, markets, and sells golf apparels, golf shoes, golf bags, travel gears, head gears, watches, and other golf-lifestyle related products. With its wide range of products, it now has 1700 full time employees which continue to work hard as a team in producing superior quality, high end products.

Authentic Callaway items are available for purchase online at The site offers a wide range of selection from golf clubs, golf balls, golf bags, golf shoes, and other accessories under the Callaway Golf brand.

The Magnetism of the Hamptons Real Estate

What makes the Hamptons real estate appealing? Someone who is familiar with the place definitely knows the kind of magnetism that Hamptons have.

The towns that are associated with the Hamptons are South Hampton, East Hampton, and Bridgehampton

East Hampton is possibly the social center, and it has the most commercially developed areas of the three. Most people from nearby areas, like New York City, choose the Hamptons for their weekend getaway.

Few Things to Prove the Hamptons’ Magnetism

Real EstateThe residents of the Hamptons include many of New York City’s affluent individuals. You can say that the Hamptons can be considered a place fit for someone rich and famous.

Owning a piece of the Hamptons real estate with a concrete plan to live there means you only need to travel 90 to 120 minutes from there to New York Penn Station and vice versa.

That’s during summer when trains travel frequently. There’s also a Jitney coach service that can take you from NYC all the way to the Hamptons.

Owning a cottage in the Hamptons can be considered a status symbol. The cottages here are way different from the usual cottages that you have in mind. Owners usually do their best to turn their cottages into excellent party venues.

They often compete with each other. If you want to experience glamour at its best, then the Hamptons may just be the place that is destined for you to build your own home.

There is a huge chance that you will get a good neighbor when you have decided to move to your new home in the Hamptons. Most of them belong to prominent families after all.

The beach is not that amazing, but it is much nicer than most beaches that you may have gone to. You can take a stroll on the pristine sand, and swim in the clean water. It is completely undeveloped and you can’t help but marvel at the sea that practically glistens under the sun.

If you choose to buy the Hamptons real estate, you can somehow dominate the beach and treat it as if it’s yours alone because no one usually goes there.

Most residents of the Hamptons work up a tan at the poolside. They usually take a stroll along the high-end boutiques. They typically enjoy watching polo on the vast green fields.

People of the Hamptons usually go to parties. There are only a number of people who usually go to the beach. If you are someone who loves to go to the beach to enjoy your time alone, then the Hamptons real estate may just be the one you need.

There are a lot of interesting places in the Hamptons that you may want to explore further. It is a place where you won’t have a chance to get bored. You will always find new and exciting things to do if you are living there.

Real EstateThe crime rate in the Hamptons is not that high. It is reassuring to know that the crime rates in East Hampton and South Hampton are below the national average.

The police visibility is also one of the factors that make the Hamptons one of the most ideal places to start a family. It also offers less routes of escape, and that is one of the reasons that discourage criminals to enter the area.

The Hamptons has everything that you need. If your budget allows you to buy one of the Hamptons real estate, then it is best to contact a real estate company or agent with sufficient listings to offer. Remember that you don’t need to pay a fee to the agent, unless there’s an agreement between the parties concerned.